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make more than music,
make a living.


Upload your music.
Just a few simple steps.

Mint copies for sale.
Entirely free. Anywhere from one to a billion.

Price as you please.
Any price you decide.

Share to your audience.
Provide access to your fans with the push of a button.

Sell and earn.
No more pennies per play. Get 96% of all sales.

How It Works

Empowering artists.
Connecting fans.


No monthy fee.
Sign Up for free. Pay only for your purchases.

Build your collection.
Own your music forever.

Support your favorite artists.
Give artists a living wage.

Engage in the open marketplace.

Earn Rewards.
Earn and use the native token for unique features and access.

How It Works

Empowering artists.
Connecting fans.


The Open Music Exchange Beta v1 is Live!

Premium Music Streaming &  Multimedia Platform

Buy, Mint, Sell, Trade and Play your Music NFTs

Manage your catalogue and access all content.

Create Stations, Playlist, & Track Favorites.

Launch BETA App


What is oME?

OME is a multimedia streaming platform designed to put the value of music back into the hands of artists. There's no middlemen here. We've created a marketplace that puts artists in control of access and pricing of their content.
Keep 96% of all you earn, maintain all rights and ownership at all times with no upfront cost. Ever.

How does it work?

Create your profile, upload your work, then easily create and sell customizable digital tokens that act as 'digital keys'  to your content. Sell as many as you'd like, at a price you determine. You decide how many to mint and what your music is worth.  Oh, and it's free to mint those tokens in any quantity btw. (Starting to see the possibilities?)
Once purchased, fans can stream or access the content they own tokens for, similar to how owning an album or CD worked back in the day.

How is OME different?

In short, as an artist, you get paid. As a user, you take back ownership.
On OME, artists are their own label, store and distributor. This is where artists become entrepreneurs.  
Currently, on the other major streaming platforms, artists earn pennies per play for their work. On OME, its just you and what your fans will pay that determine what your music costs to stream. Participating in a fair market is how everyone wins.
OME is redefining the nature of how artists and fans connect. Fans get to own what they pay for and artists can earn a living wage.  Most important of all - the money is actually going to the artists.

How do I get paid?

Instantly and without anyone's hands on it.
This is where the magic happens. We're using a type of technology, (blockchain) that allows for instant and basically free transactions that can't be cheated or gamed. When an user buys your song, that token will go straight into their catalog and the earnings into your wallet on OME. You can link your bank easily through Stripe to cash out whenever you want. If you have a Coinbase account, you can transfer funds instantly between OME and your CB account.

How much does OME take?

Very little. We're artists too. We have two plans.
OME allows artists to use the platform at no upfront cost, but retains 8% of sales. Conversely, artists can pay a monthly subscription of just $10 and OME reduces our cut to just 4%. You keep 96%.
That's it. There are no hidden fees or other costs of any kind.

Do I have to know what an NFT is?

No. We built OME for everyday musicians and fans. Technology works best in the background, and on OME this equates to a user experience that you're used too. Simple, straightforward and easy.
The NFTs OME uses are very different from the speculative cartoon junk that was all over the internet the last several years.  NFTs in general cannot be copied or changed in anyway. This makes them excellent gatekeepers.
OME NFTs can be minted in any quantity for free. This is how we feel this technology should be applied. No speculation here, only utility.

can i sell more than just music?

Most definitely. NFTs minted on OME can unlock way more than just music. Any combination of content and perks can be added to the release to make it truly custom. Videos, artwork, merchandise, concert tickets - monetize it all. This is more of that magic that blockchains provide. We anticipate artists will quickly redefine what it means to release music.

Is oME for signed artists as well?

100%. We understand the value that labels provide to artists and that every situation is different with respect to artists/label contracts. Because of the transparent nature of blockchain technology, where every transaction is verifiable and tamper proof, any contract between a label and an artists can be essentially recreated on OME to each parties satisfaction.

and if I am a manager or label?

We got you covered too. We have a scalable payment tier based around your artist count that allows you to retain 98% of all sales. We are always willing to work with companies and individuals further as we know that the value of percentages varies greatly in respect to earnings. Get in touch. Let's make it work.

can i invest?

Yes, you can! We've worked hard to create a platform that truly helps artists and their communities. In that same spirit, we have done the legal work required to sell shares of OME to anyone. This was paramount to our core vision. Typically only the investment bankers get to invest in the Googles and Facebooks when the price is at its cheapest. Not this time.
Starting Nov. 15th, anyone over 18 will be able to purchase OME stock for only 66 cents per share, using any payment method they want. Right?!
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Our team

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Jack Morgan


Bradley Wilks

Art Director/Co-Founder

Marina nazario

content marketing manager

Misha Kopelman

Director of Marketing and Communications

Stylianos kampakis

data scientist/advisor

Charles Chapman Jr

Director IT Security

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